Once the infusion is over, sensations like dizziness fade gradually over the next 20 minutes. You may notice positive effects, like elevated mood, as soon as 30 minutes post ketamine infusion.

Studies have shown that peak antidepressant effects occur about 24-48 hours after treatment and typically last up to two weeks.

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It’s best to have someone to pick you up after ketamine treatment. If this is not possible, for reasons such as privacy, you will have to take a car service home and show proof of the reservation. You may need to stay longer in the center as you will only be released once you are completely safe to leave.

The importance of a continued theraputic process in conjuction with ketamine cannot be understated. The neuroplasticity effects of ketamine may make you more receptive to tools that maybe haven’t worked before or new tools you’ve never used. The more tools you have to address the ups and downs of life, the longer the effect of ketamine can last.

We recommend our members continue working with their outpatient providers for medication management and/or psychotherapy. If you do not have a psychiatrist or therapist, Nushama can facilitate a referral.

Many people report improvement in symptoms for 3-12 weeks, however this range depends on many factors and can last even longer depending on how much you are willing to participate in developing new ways of living.

One of the best ways to prolong the effect of ketamine is to learn and apply new tools for dealing with the stressors that come as a normal part of life.

Every person is different, and ketamine is very much a personalized medicine—dosing, frequency, and effect can all vary and require an individualized approach. The need to return after the 6 sessions depends on whether or not symptoms return.

However, for some people, even when symptoms return, they are much less intense, which makes them manageable with the new skills they have learned during the treatments.